Another Song

De afbeelding “http://blog.lib.umn.edu/siev0051/stuff/screaming.gif” kan niet vertoond worden, omdat ze fouten bevat.
Electro Heaven
Its a cool and fast song
But i think not ready there is still
a voice missing A japanese Voice
Is there somebody who want to try
Sing,Talk be funny or Scream
I want to hear your voices
Please send me back this song with
your voices

5 件のコメント:

HideoABE さんのコメント...

everybody busy????

Henri Banks さんのコメント...

Ill wait and ask again and again i want those voices ;-)

Henri Banks さんのコメント...

Maybe you can ask it again in Japanese
My japanese is noooo goood

mooncrap さんのコメント...

maybe there are no japanese people on this blog !?

HideoABE さんのコメント...

I'm japanies!
I'm sorry.
I fully had time in old times.
I am busy recently.
I want time to do music!