The Berlin Train

Hello Japan Art & Chaos Is Back
with a New song" The Berlin Train "
Enjoy the song this is not a dance song!!!
it´s more like an audio Adventure.

All fixed by Henri banks Himself

4 件のコメント:

comfortable さんのコメント...

hi! very vey long time no see you snew sound! you ware come back!

good real(?)hihat sound alway keeping stay cool as same time, something
bigan story very hard ,but story is
very slowly silence,,

I alway thinking about your music,
you alway have sound image movie in your head. I alway thinking
it I wanna see this one, very good sound ,but I alway feeling something not enough,,yes ,I mean I don't see your picture, or movie,or flash?? I don't know,,,

I think you can be flash music artist!! do you think about it?

Henri Banks さんのコメント...

Yes i thought about that but i´m not soooo good in flash and so much time i dont have i have to find a person who is good in flash and crazy enough to put pictures behind the music.
i know the best solution for my music are flash or video clips but to find someone who can do this is a problem!!!
When you know someone or somebody who like to make videoclips or flash
they can CONTACT ME :

comfortable さんのコメント...

yeah! me too. I wanna get a parson who is like this,,,

Henri Banks さんのコメント...

Let us find this Person
let us search this Person
somewhere he or she must be!!!