Special Edition

Drive your parents insane

Wasted the start

Wasted and abused

Wasted forever ***

This kind of music is experimental
Its all about your life
and being wasted
waste of your time
waste of your life
waste of your believe
live your live once
live your live good
and drive your parents insane
Play it loud
and go crazy
Henri Banks

3 件のコメント:

comfortable さんのコメント...

hi! just now I did my new song,
very tired,and I'm in mid night,
and very sleepy,but little hungry,

tomorrow ,will hear your songs!!!

see you ,good night!!!

comfortable さんのコメント...

woo-! those sounds like a cinema sound track! like a watch some human's story
sound style is degital sound ,but this
music almost style of classic.

I think not enogh this music need more than 3 storys. you can make more!

also,you can make flash movie with those sounds, I think you can make it! very good!

Henri Banks さんのコメント...

yep this something completly different that i made
Time for new things !!!